A Christmas Carol

Adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens by Joseph Hanreddy and Edward Morgan


From an interview with Music Director Randall Swiggum
“I think my favorite moment, year after year...is the Montage in Act II where Ed (Morgan) and Joe (Hanreddy) took many verses of ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ (an authentic carol from Dicken’s day) and used it to transport us around the globe on Christmas Eve, as Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present travel quickly from city to country to underground miners and sailors on the sea to poor families in their humble homes - and they’re all singing this carol. It’s fantastic stagecraft, and it never fails to give me a lump in my throat.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“The best special effect in the Rep’s “A Christmas Carol” is the genuine good cheer you’ll take with you when you leave the theater.

“Throughout the evening, as the ensemble harmonized Christian tradition, a voice or two could be heard form the seats.. For a few members of the audience to become so engaged as to forget the theatrical protocol of only clapping, laughing and standing when culturally appropriate is not only theater at its best, but also a reminder of what is at the heart of the holiday season: a happiness and joy readily at hand for each and every one of us, should we have the opportunity to remember, embrace, and share it.”

Production History

Milwaukee Repertory Theater
dir. Aaron Posner

1999-2004, 2009-2011
Milwaukee Repertory Theater
dir. Joseph Hanreddy

Clarence Brown Theatre
dir. Edward Morgan

Milwaukee Repertory Theater
dir. Judy Berdan

A Christmas Carol