Mary Stuart

By Friedrich Schiller

Milwaukee Rep

Scenic Design    
Michael Frankel

Production/Design Team

Costume Design
Helen Q. Huang
Lighting Design
Thomas C. Hase
Sound Design
Barry Funderburg


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Damien Jaques
“Add Joseph Hanreddy’s shrewd observation of how national leaders’ personal characteristics and vulnerabilities affect their decisions, and we have a piece of historical theater so strikingly relevant, it is rather chilling. That is the prevailing feeling we derive from the compelling staging...Hanreddy heightens the dramatic action and conflict with white hot lights, reverberating sound and blocking that emphasizes the isolation of both queens.”

Shepherd Express, Robert Richard Jorge
“Director Joseph Hanreddy never lets us forget for a moment the melodrama behind Friedrich Schiller’s play by having each woman present during the other woman’s scenes. Off to the side and shadowy, perhaps; but always present as an eminence griese. Finally the two woman come face to face - theatrically, if not historically.”

Mary Stuart