The Misanthrope

By Moliere

Pearl Theatre Company

Production/Design Team


New York TImes
“Joseph Hanreddy directs the play with an emphasis on balance. The dueling face-offs between performers are evenly matched; the comedy is leavened by an occasional edge. Even the stagging displays symmetry, with actors lined up on either side in formal precision.

The New Yorker
“The Pearl presents an elegant adaptation of Moliere’s seventeenth-century comedy of manners, translated from the French into English verse by Richard Wilbur. The story involved a young nobleman disgusted by the phoniness and superficiality around him in the courtly circles of Louis XVI. The director, Joseph Hanreddy, takes a simple approach that works. The gorgeous costumes are the only frilly, over-the-top element in this production; the actors, who give quiet and relaxed performances, are so well rehearsed that you barely hear the rhyme in the verse.”

Associated Press
“...a beautifully acted, comedic production by the off-Broadway Pearl Theatre Company at New York City Center. Joseph Hanreddy skillfully directs the cast to employ arch humor and irony while portraying over-privileged young aristocrats in the France of Louis XVI, using Richard Wilbur’s delightful English verse translation.”

NY Theatre Review
“Using Richard Wilbur’s expert verse translations, Moliere’s Misanthrope has rarely seemed so melancholy as it does in Joseph Hanreddy’s pitch-perfect production for Pearl Theatre Company.”

Because it is a satire on the shallow values of the court of Louis XVI, Moliere’s “The Misanthrope” is frequently presented with a maximum of style and a minimum of substance. Fortunately, director Joseph Hanreddy emphasizes the human relationships at the core of this classic comedy in his effective production for the Pearl Theatre Company.”

Scenic Design

Harry Feiner

Costume Design

Sam Fleming

Lighting Design

Stephen Petrilli

Sound Design

M.L. Dogg


The Misanthrope