Pride and Prejudice

Adapted by Joseph Hanreddy & J.R. Sullivan


The Salt Lake Tribune
“[Joseph Hanreddy and J.R. Sullivan] are experts at propelling words into actions...Austen lovers will admire this adaptation’s faithfulness to the spirit of the original and its ability to maintain our emotional involvement with Elizabeth and Darcy amid the constant activity that surrounds them.”

Desert News
“Pride and Prejudice is a lovely period piece, and fans of Austen’s work will love seeing their favorite characters come to life on stage.”

Salt Lake City
“It must be daunting to tackle such a revered and well-worn work, but playwrights Joseph Hanreddy and J.R. Sullivan manage to make their version work extremely well. In ditching the narrator and removing the stiff recitations of letters from the book - which other stage adaptations insist on keeping - they’ve created a production that moves smoothly and quickly along, without sacrificing the humor and romance that is its essential appeal.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“Although the theatricalization of novels can be enormously challenging, Hanreddy and Sullivan found a way to retain every major subplot and nearly every character. More importantly, the collaborators captured “Pride and Prejudice’s” tone when they moved the book to the stage.”
American Players Theatre
dir. Tyne Rafaeli

Cincinnati Playhouse
dir. Blake Robinson

People’s Light & Theatre
dir. Samantha Bellomo

South Coast Repertory
dir. Kyle Donnelly

Round House Theatre
dir. Blake Robinson

Door Shakespeare
dir. Jerry Gomez

Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts
dir. Roger DeLaurier

Connecticut Repertory Theatre
dir. Helene Kvale

Oregon Shakespeare Festival
dir. Libby Appel

Utah Shakespeare Festival
dir. Blake Robison

Milwaukee Repertory Theater
dir. J.R. Sullivan

+ dozens of university and high school productions

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Pride and Prejudice