Richard III

By William Shakespeare

Idaho Shakespeare Festival / Great Lakes Theater

Production/Design Team


Cleveland Plain Dealer
“The glass and steel of Joseph Hanreddy’s breathtakingly smart production of “Richard III” at Great Lakes Theater evokes the neo-Gothic corporate headquarters of Pittsburgh’s PPG Place, not only structurally but in a utilitarian sense. ...The set, with its many implications, is genius, really, like so many of the choices Hanreddy and company make in this stunning production... on of the most moving bits of theater I’ve seen, an unexpected artistic choice that elicited audible gasps in the theater, so rare from an audience taking in a timeless classic. What I can say is, go see it for yourself. What I can say is - bravo.”

Idaho Statesman, Dana Oland
“In his ISF debut, director Joe Hanreddy brilliantly hones his polished and streamlined adaptation of one of William Shakespeare’s longest texts from a historical tragedy into the fabric of a political thriller that examines the Janus inside every politician...This is Theater with a capital T - it’s a thrill ride to watch a gifted cast enact a well-crafted tale through a mastery of Shakespeare’s language. ..It’s easily one of the season’s best productions.”

Talkin’ Broadway
“Joseph Hanreddy, the director, has brought a flawless production of a difficult play to the stage. The only thing I could want from this production would be another pair of tickets so that I can see Richard III again.”

Cleveland Jewish News
“There are few moments in theatre when all the elements of a production meld in a perfect whole. “Richard III” is one such, a masterpiece and one of the most thrilling Great Lakes Theater productions of Shakespeare in recent memory.”

“For this production of “Richard III,” the script has been significantly cut for greater expedience, restructured for enhanced comprehension, restaged in a contemporary setting to facilitate relevance, and performed with remarkable skill and artistry. Purists will see all these alterations as blasphemous; the rest of us will simply thank director Joseph Hanreddy as we leave the theater at a reasonable time and after being thoroughly entertained.”

Boise Weekly, Deanna Darr
“King Richard III is one of the best Shakespearean productions ISF has staged in recent years.”

Scenic Design

Linda Buchanan

Costume Design

Martha Hally

Lighting Design

Michael Chybowski

Sound Design

Rob Milburn & Michael Bodeen


Richard III