Seven Keys to Slaughter Peak

By Joseph Hanreddy, Based on novel by Earl Derr Biggers & play by George M. Cohen


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“It is the funniest play I have seen this season - in Milwaukee or anywhere else. With Hanreddy directing, it opened Friday night to nonstop laughter.”

Third Coast Digest
“Hanreddy’s plot is engaging throughout...A clever twist near the end brings you back to reality, but wait! Hanreddy has one more rug to pull out from under you.”

Shepherd Express
“There are shootings, bodies and absurd plot configurations - until the audience realizes it is being taken on a joy ride that is almost too good to be true. Creative absurdity is the benchmark of its biting satire, zanily reminiscent of the Marx Brothers, with a touch of Tarantino thrown in for good measure. Hanreddy’s spiffy writing carries the day without slacking.”
Milwaukee Repertory Theater
dir. Joseph Hanreddy

Production History


Determined novelist William Magee makes a wager with his wealthy friend that he can write a novel in only 24 hours time. Mr. Bentley, the owner of Slaughter Peak Lodge, a summer resort located on a hill overlooking Spread Eagle, Wisconsin, offers Magee a room where he can lock himself in and work to complete the novel, assuring him he will be the carrier of the only key to the lodge. As the evening wears on, the lodge becomes the rendezvous for several mysterious characters, all of whom have keys of their own. Magee tries to figure out these frivolities, realizing he is now part of a startling murder. Can Magee put the clues together? More importantly, will he ever finish his novel?

Seven Keys to Slaughter Peak