Silence (co-directed with Ganshi Murata)

By Steven Dietz, adapted from the novel by Shusaku Endo

Milwaukee Rep / Subaru Acting Co.

Scenic Design    
Kent Dorsey

Production/Design Team

Costume Design
Kiiachi Arai
Lighting Design
Kent Dorsey
Sound Design
Michael Bodeen and Rob Milburn, 
with Shiro Yamakita


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Damien Jaques
“The raked platform set is simple, and the Japanese actors, who speak in both English and their own language, evoke a visceral power that is quite compelling.”

Variety, Chris Jones
“In a surprisingly spectacular production co-directed by Joseph Hanreddy and Ganshi Murata, all of this intellectual debate takes place on a wooden stage backed by a multitude of ever-changing projections and strange silhouettes of tortured prisoners hanging in a place called the Pit.”